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Water Shedding

The persistent draught that has hit the Province of KwaZulu-Natal has raised many concerns and worries amongst its citizens.The uMzinyathi district unfortunately has not been spared.UMzinyathi District Municipality has taken it upon itself to provide as much information as possible in the district to allay fears and make sure there is sufficient water for all.In doing so a water shedding schedule has been devised, this schedule will show time of opening and choking of water supply to Dundee, Sibongile township, Glencoe and Sithembile townships.This is done in order to increase the levels in the reservoirs for supply to the above mentioned areas.The choking of the system will cause that high laying areas be affected first, and water tankers will be sent to assist those areas.

The water shedding schedule will assist us to create reserves at the plant to allow the shutdown scheduled in 2 weeks time on the 27th August 2015 at the Tayside high lift pump station. If we store sufficient reserves it can help to supply water and minimize the effect of the shutdown. In this manner we can increase the levels and supply the water to where and when we want to direct it to.

Water Shedding Schedule:

Dundee, Sibongile.

To Open

To Choke

04H00 to10H00 Including Peak Hour.

10H00 to 15H00 To raise reservoir level to pump to Glencoe.

15H00 to 19H00 Including Peak Hour

19H00 to 04H00 To raise the reservoir level at night.

Glencoe, Sithembile.

 To Open

To Choke

04H00 to12H00 Including Peak Hour.

12H00 to 15H00 To raise reservoir level to pump to Glencoe.

15H00 to 19H00 Including Peak Hour.

19H00 to 04H00 To raise the reservoir level at night.

All consumers are urged to use water sparingly as the situation is very serious. Please cooperate by reporting all leaks and bursts to save water on 034-212 2222 or 086 167 8883.Be water wise and remember “Water is life, conserve it and respect it.”

For more updates relating to the water supply and queries, please like our page on facebook:Umzinyathi District Municipality or follow us on Twitter @UmzinyathiDM_ZA.


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